Winter Solstice/Yule – Blog Hop

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Winter Solstice/Yule

 Being Pagan we celebrate Yule which falls on the Winter Solstice on December 21st. It is a time much like Thanksgiving to me in that it is about family and sharing. It is not the big commercialized mess of Christmas because you don’t go out and buy stuff and spend all kinds of money that you don’t have. You make presents for each other. It’s not the price of the object or even if you completely need it or not. It’s the time and love that went into it. Maybe it’s a batch of your favorite cookies, a pie, pot holders, bath salts or a drawing to hang on your wall or refrigerator. They mean so much more because someone took their time to “make” it for you instead of just buying something that you probably really don’t want or need or that the kids will have destroyed by the end of the day.

Just think about it, if more people celebrated this way, no more people going into debt, no more re-gifting, no more “so-n-so will be buying me something so I have to buy them something.” Best of all, NO MORE Black Friday!!! People can stay home and be with their families, instead of camping out all week and then trampling or being trampled by the masses and adults acting like spoiled rotten children fighting over marked-down over-priced toys and such.

Which one sounds better to you? Think about it, December 21st all about family and love or December 25th all about money, debt, and giving a little man/elf in a red suit credit for everything that YOU work hard for…


Blessed Be and Happy Yule

Shari B Yetto

aka Lady StarFire

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8 thoughts on “Winter Solstice/Yule – Blog Hop

  1. Well said…however…Santa wasn’t intended to be the commercial joke he is now…as I’m sure you know the legend/myth/possible seed of truth began in…hmmm..Holland I think, and was intended to be more of a Yule celebration to help poor children by putting pennies in their shoes or other gifts to make their lives easier…We celebrate both but not with the usual commercialism of the masses..bleh! Cannot STAND Black Fridays!! No peace…all conflict and greed…talk about negative energy!!!!

  2. As someone who celebrates Christmas, and as someone who knows, loves and tries to incorporate Yule ways of celebrating those things into our family, can attest to the horrid way that commercialism has ruined the holiday spirit! I hate this season because of the way society makes you feel about not having enough. So I think since I still hold belief in the old ways, and I do believe in Jesus Christ as well. (The Devine spark that holds all creation is whom, or what it has always been regardless of name) will be doing some Yule gifting this year, and if those that are hung up on prices don’t like ours, well we will have some extra yummy, smelly, pretty things to add to our space! God/Goddess Bless you all!

  3. Well said! We do celebrate both, but probably not for much longer. Thanks to my difficult and frankly crazy parent, my daughters and I practically abhor family gatherings at Christmas, much preferring Yule spent with our chosen family, our coven. With my mom, the focus is always on who spent how much on her (so we don’t spend, we handmake her gifts every year!); with the coven, the focus is on love and friendship, the season, and the re-birth!

    • So well stated. My grown son always had a habit of finding a way to ruim the day. Sometimes still does. So for me it is Yule. The kids have already been told that there will not be a Christmas this year.

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