Breathing a sigh of relief…

So, I decided to play around with the formatting of my Blog page. I don’t know what happened but all was looking great until I clicked HOME and it took off to my Charlotte’s Mystical Web Store site. It wasn’t doing that before I changed the Theme. What to do now???

So, I checked all the pages, Who knows…

Finally… I don’t know how this could cause it, but the link page for Wicca for the Wise Witch must have been over-riding something. The only thing I could figure out to do was delete the 2 link pages, move the information to the other pages for the books.


I may have lost some likes or comments and if i did, I’m sorry… 😦

Not sure if i learned anything about this stuff but, I got it fixed and maybe I will leave the “LINK” pages alone and just add a link if I need too.

Blessed Be!


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