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What Cards Really Mean…

ImageMythic Tarot
Creators: Liz Greene, Tricia Newell, Juliet Sharman-Burke
Publisher: Fireside 1986

            Tarot is a funny thing. It’s a deck of 78 cards with various images and made up of four suits. All of the cards can have various meanings depending on the deck, if the card is upright or reversed, and what cards they are next to. Basically, a Tarot reading is a way of telling a story about your past, present, and future. Foretelling the future is what I call, “Forewarned is Forearmed.” Therefore, turning the darkness of the future into light to know what choices to make.

            Let’s look at a few cards and some meanings. Let’s start with what most people think is one of the scariest cards to get in a reading.

            DEATH – This card always makes people cringe. They always think that it means that either they or someone they love will die soon. Rarely does this card mean actual death. Most of the time it means Change or Ending. There has to be an ending to have a new beginning. Death and Rebirth. So maybe it has to do with the ending of a bad situation so that a new better situation can come to you.

            DEVIL – Another fear bring card. Does it mean that evil is in or coming into your life? No! Take a good look at the card. It shows people in chains connected to the “devil.” Take a closer look and you will see that the only thing holding the people are themselves. Their chains are not locked. They are loose and they can walk away anytime. So what negative situation are you holding on to? What are you afraid of if you walk away? You are not bound to the negative, you are free to go.

            TOWER – This card shows a tower on fire and crumbling. Does it mean that everything is falling apart? No. I can mean that but most of the time it simply means that something has to be torn down or changed to make room for something new. This is much like the Death card.  

            I could go on and on but I think that you get the point. Don’t always look for the dark side of things, take time to look at what it might really mean. Look at images and see what you see in them instead of just what the book(s) say that they mean. What does it say to YOU. That is what is most important. Look for the light before the dark, you just might be pleasantly surprised.

Blessed Be to ALL!

Shari B Yetto

Copyright 12/15/2013

Be sure to check out all the Blogs in this YULE BLOG HOP, by clicking in the links below.

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  2. I love the positive messages in negative cards. They are even more powerful and I’ve been using them to teach my protegess. I think I’ll let them read your post. Theres so much clarity in it. Thanks.

    • Thank you. I always try to teach people to look for the positives. There is a “silver lining” no matter how thin, in every situation. You just have to look for it. Thank you taking the time to read, and I hope that it will be of help to someone. Blessed Be!

  3. “Forewarned is Forearmed.” I think that sums it up nicely. Also, thanks for the picture of the Mythic… that’s one of the first decks I owned… I’ve not had it out for a long time… I think I’ll pay it a visit 😉

  4. Yes, nice review of the multiple aspects to these cards, which can be challenging, but they are still part of the Major Arcana sequence’s journey to oneness and completion, meant to be gone through rather than being stuck in. 🙂

  5. Hi! I like your take on explaining these cards. I too have this deck shown in the photo. The Mythic Tarot. A friend gave it to me and it’s missing one card, the 5 of Cups. I’ve tried contacting the publisher but they sent a newer smaller card that don’t even match in color. So I tried eBay for single sold cards. I cannot find and that have the backing as the same as your 1986 version. All the others are black on the backs. Can you give me any suggestions please?
    Luv and Peace

    • Thank you. I lost my deck in a flood and bought a new (old) one. I think they are black on the back. You will most likely have to buy a new deck to get this missing card, I’m sorry to say. Best of luck in your search.

      Blessed Be!

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